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About ICare ICheck

Living among the hustle and bustle of the city, employees in Hong Kong often overlooked the importance of regular check-ups. As a Health Pilot to people in Hong Kong, Life Impact Medical Co.Ltd. would like to solve this problem by introducing I Care. I Check, which is a swift, crucial and reliable medical examination to the companies. We firmly believe that the implementation of I Care. I Check does not only raise employees’ awareness towards their own health conditions, but also help create a positive image to the corporate.

Crucial Indexes

Inspecting important body indexes such as blood glucose, uric acid, HDL/LDL Cholesterol etc. allows employees to monitor their risk of suffering from various chronic diseases in the early phase.  

Swift Procedure

The medical examination for each employee will be completed in 10 minutes and each medical report is immediate generated. It increases the participation desire for employees and maintains company productivity and efficiency.

Professional Team

Staff is trained by professionals in order to achieve the goal of providing quality services.

Reliable Devices

All serving medical devices are accredited by international certificates including FDA, CE, ISO, GMP etc.